Happy Confucius Day -- Chinese Students Celebrate Together
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Fri, 2017-10-06 10:24

On October 6th 2017 Students celebrated the Confucius day by having performances at the Confucius institute of University of Nairobi.

In the beginning, Zhang Xiaodong the director of Donghua University’s Art Education Center said the group from China consisted of 16 students and 4 teachers, and they had performed at Moi, Egerton and Kenyatta universities and that this was their last performance in Kenya. They hope it will attract more kenya students to know China and Chinese music.

After that, Liu Xianfa, the Chinese ambassador to Kenya said that a solid foundation of friendship and mutual understanding could occur through exchanges of language, culture and arts and wished more of such events could be held to strengthen the long-standing China-Kenya friendship.

The Confucius institute of University of Nairobi choir performed some songs for at the begging of the performances and then, art troupe from Donghua performed percussion, wind, plucked string, bowed string and ensemble music.

In the end the ambassador Mr. Liu made some remarks he first appreciated Donghua University for bringing the traditional Chinese music and thanked for the valuable contributions made by everyone in making the day successful. He finished by wishing the visitors from Donghua University a safe journey back to china.



The Confucius institute of University of Nairobi focus on spreading Chinese culture, this time combining dancing and traditional Chinese music together which made the performances so wonderful.



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