The summer camp for outstanding youth in China and Africa ended successfully
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Date and time: 
Fri, 2018-11-02 14:43

On August 30, local time, the 2018 Summer Camp on Chinese Language and Culture for Confucius Institute Students and Kenya Airport Authority(KAA), Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA)and Customs Students , hosted by Tianjin Normal University School of International Education and Exchange, was successfully concluded.
  The event lasted for 14 days. Camp members first went to Beijing language and culture university to participate in the cultural training activities for Chinese and African youth. They climbed the Great Wall with Confucius Institute students from more than 10 African countries visited the Palace Museum to experience China's long history and culture.

Later, the students went to Tianjin Normal University to attend a short-term Chinese training course.While in Tianjin they visited Tianjin Museum, Ancient Culture Street and Italian Style Street for cultural experience, learning traditional Chinese art such as paper cutting and calligraphy.

The strong local conditions and customs in Beijing and Tianjin have deepened the understanding of the Chinese traditional culture and values among the camp members. They lamented the extensive and profound Chinese culture and were shocked by the rapidly developing modern city.

Under the careful organization of the School of International Exchange of Tianjin Normal University and international exchange office, the activity was a complete success. The students expressed their high recognition and gratitude for the summer camp activities, expressed their expectation for the next opportunity to go to China and hoped to study in Tianjin Normal University in the near future.

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