Culture and Tourism Chinese
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These courses provide students with Chinese language knowledge enforcement, understanding of Chinese culture and  the fundamental understanding of various interactive and dynamic components of the travel and tourism Industry and its development, public sector involvement and cultural impacts.

Head of Thematic Area

Mr. Gao Shugui

Members of Thematic Area

Mr. Fang Yuan

Mr. Yang Daqian

Courses under this thematic area

1.  CLM 101:  Basic Chinese Language

2.  CLM 201:  Proficiency in Chinese Language

3.  CLM 103:  Oral Expression and Aural Comprehension

4.  CLM 104:  Introduction to Chinese Culture and Civilization

5.  CLM 311:  General History of China

6.  CLM 409:  Chinese drama and Peking Opera

7.  CLM 410:  Chinese Literature and Culture