Chinese corner series --Chinesecharacter writing and traditional dancing
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Chinese corner series --Chinesecharacter writing and traditional dancing

On 31stOctober 2014, theConfucius Institute at the University of Nairobi held another Chinese corner for students. In this event the students were taught how to write Chinese characters and a Chinese traditional dance.

First the students were given an introduction on the history of the Chinese characters and how they were developed.The volunteer teacher made a series of power points introducing Oracle, Chinese bronze inscriptions, seal character, clerical script and regular script. He made examples of the five scripts using twelve Chinese zodiac signs. Though puzzled by the ancient scripts, students showed great interest in guessing and learning the characters.

Next they were shown how to write the characters.After a brief introduction on writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and ink stones. Students began practicing how writing Chinese characters. Some of the students wrote their Chinese names while some wrote group words, like “你好(Hello)”, “中国(China)”, and “肯尼亚(Kenya)”.

After Chinese characters writing lesson, one of the volunteer teacherstaughtstudents a Chinese dance. They watched several pieces of tradition dance and then they were taught one of the songs by the teacher.They showed great talent in dancing and enjoyed themselves that afternoon.

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