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Wed, 2016-10-19 10:12


On 7th October, 2016 the Institute held its second Chinese corner. It was presented by Mr. Jacob Lukaka, Lecturer in the institute, The topic was on “Chinese History”.

Mr. Jacob Lukaka introduced the Qin Dynasty, From the Qin Dynasty, China became a unified country in the process of the presentation Mr. Lukaka showed the pictures of official uniforms of the Qin Dynasty, the famous Terra Cotta Warriors and the famous Great Wall. Secondly, he also introduced the Han Dynasty. The Han Dynasty is an era which booms a prosperity of culture and thought whereby the Confucius culture developed during that period. Lukaka introduced Confucius and taught some sentences from <<The Analects of Confucius >> to the students.

When we talk about the Han Dynasty, we have to mention the Silk Road. Lukaka then introduced the Silk Road and the Belt and Road Initiative to the students. After the Han Dynasty, Lukaka introduced the Tang Dynasty to the students. The Tang Dynasty is the most prosperous one of all the dynasties. Besides, Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty was the only female Emperor of China. Then, in the Ming Dynasty, Zheng He started voyages in the South Seas as far as Africa. Students were all curious about what did Kenya look like at that time. Also in the Ming Dynasty, the capital was moved to Beijing, and the Forbidden City started to be constructed at that time. At last, it was the Qing Dynasty. The three emperors——Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong were well-known in the Chinese history.

Chinese corner this time introduced Chinese history to the students which is not an easy tasked to be accessed in normal times. Many students became interested in Chinese history after the Chinese corner. We hope they can work hard in Chinese, then they can go to China by themselves to experience Chinese culture.

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