Chinese Corner on Tai Chi
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Date and time: 
Mon, 2016-10-31 17:08

At 2 pm. on Oct. 21st 2016. The theme of the Chinese corner was Chinese Tai Chi, which was delivered by Wu Run, a volunteer teacher.

The students had long been looking forward to the Chinese Tai Chi, and finally opened the mystery of Tai Chi in the Chinese Corner. Wu introduced the history of Tai Chi, the basic situation and moves of Tai Chi, showed a video, and the students participated in learning Tai Chi, Wu Run led the students in a queue, began to learn the first three types of tai chi: starting, around the Mustang mane and white crane wing. In the process of learning Tai Chi, Wu Run led everyone to practice each action seriously, the students expressed their love of Tai Chi, said that if the future had course of Tai Chi they would be very happy to register. After the completion of the first three types of exercises, Wu led the students break down the action one by one integration, made a neat and continuous tai chi movement, the students showed that they understood the mystery of Tai Chi of the Department.

The Chinese Corner opens a new perspective for the students, bringing them into another mysterious field, allowing them to experience and the essence of Tai Chi and the Chinese culture. After experiencing it, got a deeper understanding of Chinese diverse culture. They got inspired to explore more Chinese culture, and through their own efforts to learn more about Chinese language and culture.

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