Chinese Corner on Papercutting
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Date and time: 
Tue, 2016-11-08 22:52

On 28th October, the Confucius Institute held it’s the fourth Chinese corner. It was presented by Li Xin, the Chinese volunteer teacher; the topic was Chinese paper cutting.

Li Xin first introduced the conception and features of Chinese paper cutting by PPT, and picked some typical patterns like character “福”(felicity)、character “双喜”(double happiness) and 12 animal signs as examples to show how Chinese people use it in daily life. During the presentation, Li Xin taught some key words like “剪纸”(paper cutting)、“文化” (culture), combining Chinese teaching with cultural experience. After that, students started to do the Chinese paper cutting.

Since this year is the year of monkey in China, Li Xin chose a cute monkey as the object of paper cutting. Li Xin drew the pattern on the board and told students the steps of paper cutting, and then students began the paper cutting. All students and teachers took a photo together after they finished their works of paper cutting.

 The paper cutting session did not only make students learn more about Chinese culture, but also help them to practice their oral Chinese.

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