Confucius Institute at University of Nairobi Hold the Chinese Culture Carnival at Maryhill Girls High School
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Wed, 2017-04-05 19:50

April 1st, 2017 Confucius Institute at University of Nairobi held the Chinese Culture Carnival in Maryhill girls high school. The event was well attended by all the Chinese clubs in the high schools which are from Alliance Girls High School, Alliance Boys High School, Loreto Limuru High School and the hosts Maryhill Girls high school.

At 2pm, the carnival started. The MC Martha introduced the content and the all the guest. The deputy principal Maryhill girls high school Mrs Njoki Muchiri gave some welcoming remarks and the Director Confucius Institute at University of Nairobi Prof. Guo Hong gave a brief introduction of the Chinese culture festival, both of them appreciated the Chinese clubs and encouraged them to learn Chinese language and appreciate the culture. After that a student from Maryhill girls high school sang a Chinese song Youve Working Too Hard My Mom, then Alliance Girls High School also gave a Chinese song Friends and Confucius Institute at University of Nairobi, a Chinese-learning student-Meiling Zhang sang a Chinese folk song On The Hope Field, and the entertainment session was wrapped up by a beautiful performance from Confucius institute teachers who gave a Chinese traditional dance The Beautiful Hua Dan.

After the entertainment we started experiencing the Chinese language through Chinese game passing of Chinese words and Guessing game, the students from the four schools not only had fun but also learned some Chinese sentences in the two games. After the games, we moved to experiencing the Chinese Culture in five different areas. The areas included; paper cutting, Beijing opera mask painting, calligraphy, kicking shuttlecock and carry peanuts using chopsticks. In the end, all the students had gone through all the stands and experienced the culture and had fun at the same time.

The Carnival ended with the family photo of all the clubs and the Confucius Institute staff. Our Confucius Institute wont stop advocating the Chinese Culture, and also helping more Kenya people learn Chinese.

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