The Delegation of Zhejiang Publishing Group Held a Discussion with the Volunteer Teachers of Confucius Institute in University of Nairobi
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Tue, 2017-09-26 19:36

On September 26, a deligation from Zhejiang publishing group visited the Confucius institute at the University of Nairobi and held a discussion with the volunteer teachers. Prof. Guo Hong, the director Confucius Institute University of Nairobi, gave the delegation a tour of the institute and they found the facilities of the Confucius Institute at University of Nairobi are very advanced and recommended the Institute for the warm welcome.Then, the delegation and the volunteer teachers held a discussion at the board room.

At first, the president of Wei gave a portrait of Confucius to the Confucius institute, and briefly introduced the creation of prints. The head of the delegation, Mr. Qiu Liangen, deputy editor of the Zhejiang education press, made a statement. “The existence of Confucius institutes has greatly promoted the spread of Chinese in the world, greatly promoting the exchange of Chinese culture and the world culture, and greatly enhancing the cultural soft power of the Chinese nation.” Mr yau said.  He also said the Zhejiang education press is willing to provide teaching resources for the Confucius institute, and the required bibliography.

Then, Mr. Qiu and Mrs. Guo discussed the development of Chinese in Kenya. Prof. Guo Hong said that Kenyan students are very enthusiastic about Chinese learning, and now is the key period to further expand the influence of Chinese. The two sides also made in-depth discussion on the relevant cultural differences and so on.

The Confucius institute at the University of Nairobi will work to train more students to promote scientific and cultural exchange, and also welcome the relevant literary organizations to contact and communicate with the institute for the development of the students and the university in general.



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