Confucius Institutes at the University of Nairobi celebrated the Mid - Autumn Festival
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Fri, 2018-11-02 16:18

On September 21, the Confucius Institute celebrated the Mid - Autumn Festival with teachers and students of the University of Nairobi during the Confucius Institute Open Day and the Chinese traditional Mid - Autumn Festival. Prof. Mbithi, Vice chancellor at the University of Nairobi, attended the Mid - Autumn Festival and delivered a speech on the spot. He shared a happy and a very significant Mid - Autumn Festival with everyone.

The Confucius Institute Open Day started with the myth behind the Mid - Autumn Festival in China, accompanied by music, mask painting and animation to let Kenyan teachers and students understand the origin of the Mid - Autumn Festival.The teachers and students then together read the famous sentence " Quiet Night Thinking". The students marveled at the extensive and profound Chinese poetry.Later, led by the director of Confucius Institute and volunteer teachers, students learned to make moon cakes pushing the event to a climax. In order to enrich the students' experience, we specially added the Mid - Autumn Festival jade rabbit paper cutting, calligraphy and Chinese knot experience while making moon cakes.The charm of the Chinese festival was felt by everyone present. Xinhua reporters followed the event live.

As Xiao Shan, director of the Confucius Institute, said, " The Mid - Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival of looking forward to the reunion among friends and relatives,This bears the deep feeling of the Chinese people's hometown. Through this activity, students can deeply feel the connotation of the traditional Chinese festival and culture and understand the meaning of" the moon is exceptionally round on the Mid - Autumn Festival day". By holding the Confucius Institute Open Day and carrying out various Chinese cultural activities, more Kenyans will understand the traditional culture of our country which has 5,000 years of cultural civilization

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