The Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi held an orientation training for new volunteer teachers
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Date and time: 
Fri, 2018-11-02 16:31

On September 11, the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi in Kenya welcomed four new volunteer teachers. In order to enable the new teachers to become acclimated to their new working environment, Confucius Institute held a pre-job training and shared all aspects of work, life and safety. All the faculty staff of Confucius Institute participated in this training.

Foreign secretaries Fred and Linet started by explaining in detail the day-to-day management and course consultation of Confucius Institute. Local Chinese teachers Xu Jing and Lu Kai emphatically introduced the teaching principles and rules of undergraduate courses. Volunteer teacher Wu Run shared with everyone her experience in Chinese certificate training courses, cultural activities and other related matters. Finally, Xiao Shan, the Chinese director of Confucius Institute, introduced the history of Confucius Institute and the security order in Nairobi, emphasized the safety awareness and organized everyone to sign the " Commitment Letter on the Safety of Volunteer Teachers in Confucius Institute of Nairobi University".

The new volunteer teachers said they had benefited a lot and had increased their understanding of Chinese teaching and cultural promotion in Kenya, giving them a new understanding of classroom organization and curriculum management.

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