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2012/2013 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
肯尼亚宗教信仰文化与中国传统思想文化的人文性比较 (comparison Of Humanism Between Kenya's Religion Culture And Chinese Traditional Ideology And Culture) Brian Mbuthia Gikonyo 2012/2013 View Details
“孔子学院如何帮助肯尼亚中学开展汉语教学” A Study On How Confucius Institutes Help Local Schools With Chinese Language Teaching Programs Benson Kamau Nyagah 2012/2013 View Details
“内罗毕大学与罗德岛大学孔子学院汉语教学情况比较及几点建议” Comparison On Chinese Language Teaching Between Ciuon And Ciuri And My Several Suggestions Meisi Naomi Tamar 2012/2013 View Details
“如何将汉语教育大范围推向肯尼亚小学教育系统” A Study On How To Promote Chinese Language Education To Kenyan Primary Schools In A Wide Range Faith Belinda Nyamboki 2012/2013 View Details
“中肯之间跨文化交际的几个问题” Some Problems On Cross-cultural Communication Between Kenya And China Peter Wamagata Maina 2012/2013 View Details
“学习中国语言与自我提升” Learning Chinese And Self Improvement Stephen Ondago Oduor 2012/2013 View Details
“肯尼亚学生学习汉字时书写方面难点的研究” A Research On Writing Difficulties When Kenyan Students Learning Chinese Characters Roselidah Ruth Mwambwa 2012/2013 View Details
“内罗毕大学孔子学院学生学习汉语面临的几个问题” A Study On Some Problems The Ci Students Met In Learning Chinese Language 9. Boniface Ragira Nyang'au 2012/2013 View Details
“中国与非洲国家关系的重要性” The Importance Of The Relations Between China And African Countries 10. Gerald Ngugi Sammy 2012/2013 View Details
“肯尼亚学生学习中国语言的两个难点及解决办法” The Two Difficult Points Solutions For Kenyan Students Learning Chinese Elizabeth Ackiambo 2012/2013 View Details
“论中文和英文语言差异对汉语学习者的挑战” Challenges Faced By Students Studying Chinese As A Result Of The Differences Between Chinese And English Faith Muthabun 2012/2013 View Details
“肯尼亚学生学习汉字、声调、语法语法的几个难点” A Study On Some Difficulties For Kenyan Students To Learn Chinese Characters, Pronunciation And Grammar Mtegi Doreen Kauaua 2012/2013 View Details