Application Procedure for Tianjin Government Scholarship at Tianjin Normal University in 2020

In order to promote the development of higher education of students, further improve the talent cultivation, scientific research, social service, and cultural exchange in Tianjin, Tianjin Normal University encourages excellent international students to apply for Tianjin Foreign Student Government Scholarship (TGS). The application in 2020 requirements are as follows:



Recipients are excellent international students who are now or will be studying in Tianjin, for undergraduate or higher level, senior scholar, and preparatory in Chinese Language study.



1.Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and be in good health.


2.Application Conditions for New Applicants:

1)Educational and Age Requirements:

  • Applicants for undergraduate program must have senior high school diploma with good academic performance and be under the age of 30; 

  • Applicants for master’s degree programs must have a bachelor degree and be under the age of 35 with two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors; 

  • Applicants for doctoral degree programs must have a master degree and be under the age of 40 with two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors.Professor or associate professor should study in similar majors and come from Chinese or foreign countries’ university or college.

2)Language Requirements:

Applicants should meet the entrance language requirements of the higher education institutions (Those who apply for bachelor’s degree should reach HSK4 and who apply for master’s degree and doctor’s degree should reach HSK5) and provide relevant proofs. The restriction can be relaxed for the foreign students whose majors are taught in English.

3)Applicants who do not enjoy other scholarships at the same time.


3.Application Conditions for Internal Students:

1)Applicants must be foreign self-funded undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD student who has normally enrolled in Tianjin. Applicants who have applied for leave of absence, retaining student status or extension of schooling last year will not be allowed.

2)Applicants must perform well in school without truancy, other violations of school regulations in school or other violations of Chinese laws and regulations of school.

3)Applicants must have the good learning attitude and study hard. Applicants’ academic record should be excellent in the previous year.

4)Applicants have not obtained any other scholarships in the same year.

III. Application Materials

1.Application Materials for New Applicants:

1)Copies of passports within the validity period;

2)Notarized highest diplomas, graduation certificate, copies of academic transcript in Chinese and English

3)Two Recommendation Letters (two different referrers). Applicants for master or doctoral degree studies and senior scholar programs are required to submit two recommendations letter written in Chinese or English and must be signed by professor or associate professor.

4)The HSK Certificate (Restrictions can be relaxed for foreign students who have reached the qualified Chinese level after testing);

5)Record of Foreigner Physical Examination: Applicants without residence permits must provide the Foreigner Physical Examination Record of the year. (Please scan the QR code below or download from to obtain.)


(Please scan and download the Foreigner Physical Examination Form)

Applicants with residence permits are required to provide physical examination record of the year or health certificate from their university (Please scan the QR code below or download from to obtain.), and provide a copy of the applicant’s residence permit.


(Please scan the QR code to download Health Certificate Form)


6)Other supplementary materials.


2.Application Conditions for Internal Students:

1)Copies of passports within the validity period;

2)Academic transcripts. Applicants are required to provide transcripts of the previous academic year with the official seal of the College;

3)Two Recommendation Letters (two different referrers). Applicants for the graduate programs or the senior scholar programs must submit two recommendation letters written in Chinese or English and must be signed by professor or associate professor.

4)Copy of Residence Permit and original copy of Health Certificate. (Scan the following QR code or log into the website to download)


 (Please scan the QR code to download Health Certificate Form)


5)The HSK Certificate (Restrictions can be relaxed for foreign students who have reached a qualified Chinese level after testing);

6)Other supplementary materials.


Note: Application form for Tianjin Government Scholarship can be automatically generated by our registration system. There is no need to fill them out by yourself. 

IV. Funding Standards

Tianjin Government Scholarship has partial scholarship and full scholarship.

Partial scholarship covers tuition fee only. Full scholarship covers registration fee, tuition fee, laboratory fee, internship fee, basic learning materials fee and accommodation fee. Full scholarship will also provide living allowance and medical insurance fee.

V. Application Procedure

1.Applicants are required to apply for Tianjin Government Scholarship annually. The scholarship will be effective and valid for only one academic year. New application has to be resubmitted once scholarship expired. The school does not promise anyone who can receive scholarship for their entire study period.

2.Applicants must use personal computer to log into our website, create new account with email address, fill in application information and upload required application material. Application materials sent by e-mail, delivered by post office won’t be accepted. On-site registration won’t be allowed, either.

3.Applicants should choose "Tianjin Government Scholarship” for scholarship category, “fall semester in 2020” for enrollment year, and the studying period is from September, 2020 to July, 2021.

4.The deadline for application is June 10th (Wednesday).

Warming Tips: After preparing well, applicants can use computer to complete application information and submit materials online.

VI. Evaluation

Based on the principle of "openness, justice, fairness, and merit-based”, our school will set up a specific review group to do scholarship evaluation and nominate list of scholarship candidates. After the President’s Office Meeting, nominees will be determined for publicity for a week. Tianjin Education Committee has the final review for the selected list.

VII. Others

1.Incomplete or unqualified applications will not be processed.

2.Applicants will be disqualified in terms of fraudulent application materials or non-personal submission once verified.

3.Scholarship winners who cannot register on time due to special cases must inform of school about reasons within 15 days before registration. The scholarship will be cancelled if the one fails to register without reasons.

4.Scholarship will be cancelled if situations like students who fail to register on time, get a disqualified physical examination, drop out of school, or absent from school occurred.
5.Scholarship winners must go through the procedures of the Annual Review.

VIII. Contact Information

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