The 21st Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students Results of the University of Nairobi Preliminary Rounds

Congratulations to the following students who will proceed to the second round of the
21st Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition at UON:

1. 米歇尔 Michele Muthoni
2. 戴曼婷 Deborah Njeri Mwangi
3. 玛莎 Marsha Cheryl Tina
4. 简安旭 Brian Otieri
5. 韩绍宇 Hansnick Omondi
6. 钱果果 Tracy Okumu

Please be well prepared for the second round of competition as follows :

(1) Prepared speech (based on the speech in first round): 3 minutes.
(2) Chinese talent show: can include Chinese songs, folk music performance,
ethnic/folk dance, opera, drama skit, operatic art, acrobatics, calligraphy, paper cutting,
Chinese painting, Chinese Kongfu , Chinese art and craft skills, etc., 3 5 minutes.
Contestants may invite people to assist in the performance, but the contestant should be
the main actor in the performance.

Time: April 22nd 2022 at 2pm.
Venue: University of Nairobi Tower, 7th floor.

Four outstanding contestants will be selected to represent the Confucius Institute at
University of Nairobi in the 21st Chinese Bridge Kenya Division.