Business and Trade Chinese

These courses are designed to provide students with the language items on the basis of communicative functions against a commercial Chinese and international context.  It precisely  looks at the commonly used commercial vocabulary, communicative abilities appropriate to Chinese and internationl environments and understanding of the Chinese economic circumstances and rules of trade, investment and cooperation and management of enterprises.

Courses Under this Thematic Area

  • CLM 101:  Basic Chinese Language
  • CLM 103:  Oral Expression and Aural Communication
  • CLM 201:  Proficiency in Chinese Language
  • CLM 203:  The Nature and Function of Language and Communication Skills
  • CLM 303:  Interactive Chinese
  • CLM 312:  Contemporary Chinese Politics, Society and China's Reform on Economic Development.
  • CLM 402:  Chinese for Special Purpose and Social Practice:  Chinese for Business and International Trade,  Chinese for Economic Management.