Stand With You China—CIUON&KENYA-CHINA Alumni Association Donate to Fight Epidemic

On February 23rd, local time in Kenya, CIUON joined the KENYA-CHINA Alumni Association to donate to fight the novel corona virus pneumonia epidemic. Counselor Wang Xuezheng of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, Prof. Mbeche, the local director of CIUON, Dr. Henry Rotich, the chairman of Kenya-China Alumni Association and Director of Kenya Bureau of Standards, more than 50 members of the KENYA-CHINA Alumni Association all the faculty and staff of the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi attended the event. A total of 63,300 KSH, equivalent to RMB 4,405 was donated to the Education Development Fund of Tianjin Normal University for epidemic prevention and control.

In his speech Dr. Henry Rotich, the chairman of Kenya-China Alumni Association and Director of Kenya Bureau of Standards, started from a Kenya people's understanding of novel corona virus pneumonia (NCP), introduced to all guests the clinical manifestations of NCP, how to prevent it, the Chinese government responses to the NCP epidemic, and the latest progress of the epidemic. All the guests were amazed by the quick responses taken by Chinese government and the determination of the Chinese people to unite in order to fight the epidemic.

Dr. Henry Rotich introduces the NCP

Kenyan girl Ms. Hilda, a third year Chinese undergraduate student at the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi said that she and her classmates are concerned about the epidemic. They hope that the menacing epidemic will end soon. She dedicated a song "For whom" to the medical staff that are fighting on the front line of the epidemic!

Hilda delivers a speech and sings a song

Mr. Nathan, Secretary-General of the Kenya-China Alumni Association, who works at ABC Bank in Kenya, said, "China is our second home. Now that she is sick, we are very sad. At this moment, China needs us, our friend needs us. We should not stay and watch. We should encourage and help each other. "

Prof. Mbeche, the local director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi, said he was saddened by the sudden epidemic in China. He said “Kenya and China are old friends. The Kenyan government and Kenyan people care about and support China! China will definitely overcome the epidemic! Kenyans have a traditional culture that helps people, he appealed that everyone do their utmost to help the epidemic! All of the guests lined in front of the donation box after Prof. Mbeches mobilization.

Prof. Mbeche delivers a speech

Counselor Wang Xuezheng from Chinese embassy in Kenya stated in his speech that after the outbreak, the Chinese government immediately organized a national rescue mechanism to mobilize manpower, material resources and finance to win the battle. With the joint efforts of all parties, the epidemic has effectively controlled. The Chinese people have confidence, determination and are capable of winning this battle. He also said that since the outbreak of the epidemic up to date, more than 160 countries have showed support to China by phone and letter, and many other countries have extended assistance to China. In the end, he affirmed that after this battle the Chinese people became more united and stronger. The Chinese people will continue to work hard towards the future in order to make it better.

Counsellor Wang Xuezheng delivers a speech

The students of the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi have also spontaneously recorded videos to cheer up China and cheer for Wuhan!

 The event ended in the high-pitched voice of all the guests proclaiming:-"Stand with China! Jiayou Zhongguo! Jiayou Wuhan!

gustes donated

Kenya-China Alumni Association was established in 2003 and all the members of the association have studied various disciplines in China. They are in various fields of Kenya's work force and all contribute to national development!

group photo