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Festive China —— Mid-autumn Festival


Dew turns into frost since tonight;The moon viewed at home is more bright.


The sea mirrors the rising moon bright;Miles apart, our hearts share tonight.


I only pray our life be long;And our souls together heavenward fly!



Application Guidance of Online Programs under ICLT Scholarship

In order to keep abreast of the new situation and promote the development of online international Chinese language education, the Center for Language Education and Cooperation, MOE (hereafter referred as “Center”) initiated online programs under International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarships (hereafter referred as “online program”). As one of the host universities, Tianjin Normal University (TNU) provides the application procedures as follows:


All applicants shall be

a) Non-Chinese citizens;

孔院微课堂 | 端午安康!你吃粽子了吗?

转自 孔子学院公众号

From Confucius Institute Official Account




2021 Chinese University Graduate Student & The Silk Road Program

Application Guide for Chinese University Graduate Student & The Silk Road Program of Chinese Government Scholarship at TNU in 2021

In order to give a full play to the incentive effect of Chinese Government Scholarships, develop great efforts to cultivate talents in different fields along the “One Belt and One Road” countries, Tianjin Normal University encourages outstanding international students to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship in “Chinese University Graduate Student” and “The Silk Road” program. The application procedure is as follows:

孔院微课堂 | 元宵节来啦,你吃汤圆,还是元宵?

——from Confucius Institute official account

元宵节 Lantern Festival


The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, also called the "Shangyuan Festival". On the 15th day of the first month of the lunar year, which is also the first full moon after the Chinese New Year, the Chinese will celebrate this special occasion by eatingYuanxiao (or Tangyuan), appreciating lanterns, and solving lantern riddles.

2021 International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship at TNU

For the purpose of cultivating qualified International Chinese language teachers and facilitating Chinese language education in other countries, the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education (CLEC) established the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship (hereinafter, “Scholarship”).